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Focused Project Management Concept

Focused Project Management

New Concept that lights the Project's Vital Factors, dealing with a variety of frameworks, methodologies and principles.
Focused Mindset 

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FPM - Focus Project Management is a new project management concept and approach that lights the most important vital factors of the project in the changing markets. These days, new project or program managers deal with a constant stream of frameworks, methodologies, and principles. The manager needs to navigate tons of data, and constraints in zero time and to provide valuable and significant results.

Traditional and new frameworks /methodologies are mostly complicated, and detailed, and require full collaboration and implementation by the entire organization. This complication makes the project synchronization almost impossible, depending on slightly updated automation tools which might defocus the project to act based on bureaucracy and rules instead of value and common sense per the project phase.

FPM concept focuses on the project values and satisfaction of its stakeholders based on the project's vital factors guideline . The success of the project is no longer or not only defined as meeting the scope, schedule, and cost on time with quality but by providing valuable results to its main stakeholders. Meaning the ability to challenge and mitigate the project scope, schedule, and quality that will provide real and explained value instead of meeting a preliminary checklist.

The project manager should be able to find the most significant challenges, translate them into actions and lead the entire group/project/organization based on these specific critical challenges.

The FPM concept includes 4 main building blocks: 3 knowledge areas, 7 Project V-Factors, Project Practices, and All about people.

Focused Project Managemt
Concept Model

Focused Project Managemt
Project Manager Role
& Accountebility

The role of the project manager changes over the years; now he can function under many roles and titles like Release /Project/Program Manager, Product Manager, or even Development Manager (in addition to the formal title).

The project manager can function under any other role according to the organization’s definition.

The project/release/program accountability is now shared between the project/development person in charge and is much more difficult to define.

The FPM provides a focused area to specialize, challenge and mitigate in both the early and late stages of the project. The concept meets the PMP 7th edition standard and lights the most significant area that needs to be handled, defined, and specialized by the project team.

Focused Project Managemt
Project Status & Progress 

The project management area/ ecosystem is also simplified to allow the project managers clear status and progress.

The project’s health tracking and preventive attitude are required for mapping all the project inputs per priority and monitoring, as well as challenging, raising flags, and mitigating according to the project’s constant changes.

Focused Project Managemt
Project Vital Factors 

The project V-Factors are the base of the project management guideline, and any Factor Item should be translated into Action Items with realistic Due Dates. Answers to each Action Item increase the project’s clarity and defines the project path. During the project lifecycle, the project manager should monitor and reassure the correctness and effectiveness of each relevant part.

Focused Project Managemt
Project Value

Project Value: project manager should meet the stakeholders’ satisfaction (customers, product, dev, management) by leading and challenging the project scope, schedule, and cost. Acting according to the worth, importance, or usefulness of the challenge making sure the challenge is accepted or removed. The ability to ask why for each project item creates the project value.

Traditionally the project manager should be able to focus on the What part (Problem Statement; Business Flows; Product Features; Technical & Implementation challenges; Main Dependencies; Risks). In the focus mode, he should also be able to invest significant time in his work on the Why part to reduce and minimize the scope and prioritize the stakeholder’s requests in the early stage. How? by Review & Challenge; Map & Prioritize Items Value; Initial Mitigation; Focused planned based on Why). Who - Defining and finding the real stakeholders and person in charge, and eliminating noises allow the project manager to make sure that the project work on the correct goals. projects that are completed by the book with no use after release will be considered failures

Focused Project Managemt
Project Full Model

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