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Tech Program Manager Workshop for Orgs 

Workshop / Course Overview

Dive into the realm of value-focused project management tailored for the ever-evolving world of software and high-tech. This workshop is designed to equip Technical Program Managers, R&D Managers, High-Tech Team Leads, and Project Managers with the tools and insights to excel in challenging roles and drive significant outcomes.

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For inquiries and registration, contact or connect with Sagit Bing on LinkedIn.

Call 054-6715933 for more details.


A Transformative Curriculum

Immerse in our comprehensive curriculum that combines practical knowledge with the latest industry insights to enhance your project management skills:

  • Project Value Discovery: Learn to align projects with business goals for maximum impact.

  • Prioritized Scope Management: Master strategic focus through effective scope prioritization.

  • Mapped Milestones: Gain expertise in tracking progress with precision.

  • Dynamic Status Monitoring: Keep the momentum with real-time project monitoring.

  • Proactive Risk Management: Develop resilience with forward-thinking risk management strategies.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Build transparency and trust through effective communication.

  • Value-driven Frameworks: Navigate the complexities of change with adaptive frameworks.


Practical Edge

The workshop is designed to cut through the noise, offering hands-on techniques and insights that are directly applicable to the tech environment:

  • Emphasize value-creation techniques to streamline processes.

  • Tailored content for cross-functional tech environments.

  • Strategies to cultivate innovative, value-focused teams.

  • Accelerate technology delivery to significantly boost business impact.


Your Facilitator

Sagit Bing, an executive with over 20 years in tech program and product management, including pivotal roles in R&D leadership. Sagit has propelled innovative projects to success in various high-tech sectors, embodying the expertise necessary to lead through the complexities of modern tech environments.


Flexible Learning Solutions
  • Frontal Learning Experience: Engage in a comprehensive, in-person learning experience, fostering meaningful learning and networking opportunities.

  • Customized Curriculum: Choose from 3-6 session formats tailored for organizational needs, available in both English & Hebrew, ensuring a versatile learning environment.

  • Zoom Accessibility: For convenience and global reach, sessions can also be conducted via Zoom, accommodating teams worldwide.


The Recipe

The Focused Program Management Recipe is a concise framework designed to optimize project outcomes in the tech industry. It guides leaders through aligning projects with business objectives, managing stakeholder relationships, and adapting to cultural nuances, ensuring successful delivery and team growth. This methodology is detailed in the attached recipe, offering a roadmap for achieving excellence in tech program management.


Stakeholder Engagement, Cultural Insights

Explore techniques for engaging stakeholders and building trust, enriched with insights on navigating global and local cultural behaviors. Learn best practices for effective communication and collaboration across diverse cultural landscapes.

Milestones and Tracking

Setting up and tracking key milestones, using tools for monitoring progress.

Project Value Discovery

Techniques for aligning projects with business goals, including defining problem statements and mapping project value

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks, including effective strategies for proactive risk management.

Scope and Prioritization

Strategies for managing project scope effectively, prioritizing tasks, and handling dependencies.

Introduction to Value-Focused Project Management

Overview of value-focused principles in project management, setting the stage for the course.


  • Participants will receive a certificate upon completion, with selected resumes of graduates forwarded to top companies.



For inquiries and registration, contact or connect with Sagit Bing on LinkedIn. Call 054-6715933 for more details.

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